Keys of Life Trilogy is a life long dream of a unique brother and sister team. A thrill ride filled with action and rich in history. 

Keys of Life: Uriel's Justice
ISBN 9780991667017


Long ago, a violent war erupted between the Children of the Nephilim, who had once taken Eve's daughters as wives, and the Pure of Heart. The Nephilim's thirst for revenge rages through history as they slowly infiltrate global corporations, secret societies, and international politics. 

The goal: total domination.

The first book in the Keys of Life Trilogy is a best seller and has a international readership. Tom and Carolyn wanted to share with their readers their passion and excitement for life.

Keys of Life: Sword of Fire
ISBN 9780991667055
The violent war  between the Pure of Heart and the Children of the Nephilim continues and Cordy and Ash run from Europe to New Orleans in search of hidden treasures. The pair meet a handsome descendant of the pirate Jean Lafitte who may hold the answers. 
Set sail with the Pure of Heart as they try to save not only their legacy but also the earth as we know it.


Keys of Life: Evil Redeemed
ISBN 978-0-9916670-6-2
The third book in the trilogy is out this June. 

As the battle for control of the Pure of Heart’s treasure escalates. Ash and Cordy call in all their friends to fight the Dark Watcher master. He hungers for power and vows to kill anyone who stands in his way.

Cordy must make a choice between the honest good-looking Ash or the dashing and mischievous pirate Lafitte. She has bigger worries such as saving mankind and hiding from the Dark Watchers. The courageous adventurers head for the land of giants and dragons in pursuit of another hidden treasure.

A sacrifice must be made as always warns the Guardian who sounds the alarm.  The Earth and her children are in great danger. The world is on the verge of chaos and only the Pure of Heart can save it.


Audio Books will be out soon.